The 7 main benefits of Muay Thai

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Muay Thai is an ancient form of martial arts. Originating in the beautiful country of Thailand – Muay Thai teaches you how you can use your body as a weapon.

Imagine that! Have you ever been told that you are your own worst enemy? Or maybe you have thought it yourself. Us humans are quite good at limiting ourselves, focusing on our weaknesses and fundamentally being hard on ourselves. It seems to be part of being human so if you relate to this – you are not alone. Fret not - every problem has a solution and from personal experience, Muay Thai helps overcome the above-mentioned problems.

Muay Thai helps you improve your strength both physically and mentally. It is an all-round winner for mind, body and soul strengthening.

At Monkon, we are all about not giving up – though sometimes we do step back physically, on a mental level – we keep moving forward!

Adding Muay Thai to your life’s routine gives you several benefits. Having a positive mindset is of the utmost importance to get the most out of your Muay Thai training.

The 7 main benefits

1. Get and Stay fit
How often do you choose to take the stairs when there is a lift available? Would you be able to climb 5 flights of stairs without breaking a sweat and breathing like a bull dog that’s been for a run? If the answer is no, you need Muay Thai in your life.
Build muscle and get your heart pumping as you punch, kick, knee and elbow yourself in tip-top form. You’ll be surprised at the level of fitness you can achieve.

2. Tone your muscles – All of them!
As mentioned above, you’ll be kicking, kneeing, punching and elbowing – with Muay Thai you work muscles you did not know you have. The movements used cause a full-body work resulting in even, beautifully tones bodies.

3. Enhance your balance
I cannot emphasis how important balance is. The amazing thing with Muay Thai is how you improve your physical balance, but you will also notice how an increased desire to live a more balanced life leading to a much healthier you – mentally, physically and spiritually.

4. Make Friends – Socialise while you sweat
There is something special about eating together but pairing up with someone and joining a group session is on a different level. Although our groups are made up of different people from different walks of life, we all share some commonalities and you’ll truly be amazed to work out in a space where your fellow fighter is fighting their own personal battles. You are not alone, and this is really felt when you do Muay Thai.

5. Improve the health of your skin
As good as sweating is for fitness, it is actually really great for your skin. Who does not like to glow? But besides having glowing skin, sweating clears your pores. Doing Muay Thai makes you both feel and look good.

6. Learn to Persevere and self-motivate
I am not going to lie, as fun as Muay Thai is – it gets hard. The level of difficulty is greatly dependant on how competitive you want to be and if you want to enter the professional league. Muay Thai motivates you to be more disciplined, controlled and as mentioned earlier – balanced.
We do not have different belt colours like Karate, but we do have ranks and if you want to get to the top, there are walls that you will need to breakthrough. It’s challenging to kick like lightning when your body, and mind, is telling you to ‘sit down’. Learning to overcome physical tiredness with mindpower is an invaluable skill to have and Muay Thai is a great way to master “mind over matter.”

7. Learn how to defend yourself
Until reading this article you were probably unaware that you have an additional 4 limbs. Chances are you might have even been unaware that Muay Thai exists. It is no joke that you use your body as a weapon and let’s be honest – your body goes where you go so partaking in Muay Thai training results in you always having 8 weapons – and one solid, swift moving, well balanced fighting machin


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